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Making a positive difference through inspired learning, facilitation and consulting is my business and my passion. I love learning from the best in their fields and using that learning with my own clients.

Human beings are so interesting. I’m fascinated that some people are open to new possibilities and tapping into their potential, whereas others stay stuck in a rut – yet hate being there!

different thinking

I get it.

I know we can often feel like someone else is actually in the driving seat, rather than us having overall control of our lives. We’re constantly told we’ve got to be bigger, better and bolder, which can leave us feeling inadequate, incompetent and inauthentic.

That’s where I come in. I love to help people find different perspectives, different thinking about their situations and best of all, help them tap into their own unique set of talents, strengths and qualities. This isn’t about becoming someone new. We don’t need new, we need YOU.


I’m certainly not perfect and I don’t have all the answers. I’m occasionally weary from life myself and will never, ever profess to be “holier than thou.” What I do profess is to have lived life, experienced some wonderful things and some traumatic things and to have learned many nuggets of wisdom along the way. Life is a great teacher and I’m passionate about using what I’ve learned to help other people in their own stories and lives and enable them to live life at their absolute best.

You can’t shrink your way to success.
I’m here to encourage and support you in giving the best of yourself so that you can make a bigger impact on your world.
Jenny Ainsworth

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