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Are you experiencing any of these?

➡️ You wish you were just a little braver, so you could put in place some healthy boundaries for yourself

➡️ You feel like you live your life suiting everyone else except yourself

➡️ You wish you were less “edited” and felt more confident in who you are and what you contribute

➡️ You wish you had the courage or skills to be able to say the things you want to say

➡️ You feel like you’ve had to shrink yourself in order to accommodate others

➡️ You feel like you’re hiding behind a mask you’ve created, in order to feel accepted by certain people


Then Liberated is for you!

jenny ainsworth

Liberated is designed especially for women.

Jenny AinsworthIn this complimentary podcast and person guidebook I reveal:

  • The reasons why so many women feel compelled to be versions of themselves that are unachievable

  • The real meaning behind our “stories”

  • How to take off the mask you’re using to hide the real you

  • How to identify what you personally need in order to feel seen, validated and and valued

  • 3 practical and life changing tips to liberate yourself and live life on your own terms

Stop thinking of yourself as an afterthought.

We all play many roles in life, but too many of us change ourselves to fit what someone else wants us to be. Too often, we care more about being accepted and pleasing others, than we do about staying true to ourselves and doing what is right for us.

Every time we change or hide something of ourselves to make it easier for others, we put their needs and wants before our own. Compromise is one thing and sometimes that is necessary. But a compromise should never reduce, dismiss or negate who you are.


Is it time to start writing yourself a new chapter in your story?

jenny ainsworth

Jenny AinsworthMeet Jenny Ainsworth, your Liberated Guide and Coach.

My last corporate position was working for Disney as their Training Manager for Europe and I left there to set up my own leadership and business consultancy. Since then, I’ve been privileged to work on almost every continent across the globe, as an Event Speaker and through designing and delivering high impact training and development solutions to thousands of people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.
I love to help people find different perspectives, different thinking about their situations and best of all, help them tap into their own unique set of talents, strengths and qualities. This isn’t about becoming someone new. We don’t need new, we need YOU.
Here are just some of the organisations I’ve worked with recently, making a positive difference within their people and culture:
Astra Zeneca ~ Barclays ~ Damco ~ Disney ~ EE ~ England Rugby (RFU) ~ Hiscox
Lloyds Banking Group ~ M&G Prudential ~ Motorola ~ Nandos ~ NHS Professionals ~ Orsted ~ Specsavers

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jenny ainsworth

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