Strengths and Performance

A strength is made up of three things. It is:

It’s what we’re doing when we’re performing at our best.

When we intentionally use our strengths at work, it’s proven that we’re happier, more confident and more able to achieve our goals.

The Corporate Leadership Council conducted a survey that found that when managers and leaders focused on giving strengths based feedback to their team members, performance was increased by up to 27%! When we’re tapping into our strengths we feel more motivated, leading to more engaged and productive individuals, teams, and organisations.

jenny ainsworth

We use the Strengths Profile to help you discover what your strengths really are.

There are 60 strengths in the Strengths Profile meaning you get authentic results that feel just like you. You will discover your:

Each Profile is packed full of practical advice

You’ll discover your Best Self, how to develop your future potential and even find career suggestions that match your strengths.

You can take either the Individual Profile or the Leader Profile. After that, it’s up to you - you can have a workshop for your team, discovering how better to use the team’s strengths for even more success and enjoyment, or you could simply have a 1:1 debrief on the profile and discover what it means for you.